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Theoretical spins

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  1. Step 1: Select your jackpot

    By using Jackpot-seeker.com you increase your chances winning any online casino jackpot.

    First you need to select your type of jackpot. We recommend starting with "Major jackpot". Press "Major jackpot" in the menu bar above or "Next" below to continue.
    or the x in the corner to close this guide.

    PS, you can use your keyboard arrows in this guide.

  2. Step 2: Select a game

    Games are sorted by JackIntel, which is our way to rate jackpots on how likely they are to be won. Read more on JackIntel from main menu.

    "Playing now" indicates how many (in our network) that are playing on that game at this moment.

  3. Step 3: Game info

    Try the game in a "free play" mode, you get 5000 in chips per session.

    Also notice min and max bet, also payout is a big factor to calculate how long your cash flow will last.

  4. Step 4: Casino info

    Casinos are sorted by JackIntel, the higher value the more chance you have of winning. We recommend to play on casino with minimum 75% on JackIntel.

    "Theoretical spins" show how many 1 euro spins you should get according to payout if you deposit 50 euro and take the casino welcome offer.

    Welcome bonuses are unique for each casino so look for something that suits your play best.

  5. Thats all!

    Happy Jackpot seeking

    If you have any more questions press FAQ at the bottom of this page or don't hesitate to contact us under the "Contact" page.